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Low Testosterone

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Do you feel your muscle strength decreasing? Are you constantly tired? Is your sex-drive not what is use to be?  You may, like many other men, have low-testosterone. Read more to find out what causes this and how we can treat it.

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Las Vegas Weight Loss


Living a healthy lifestyle nutritionally and physically is a main priority at Atlas Mens Health Institute. With our expertise and knowledge we can create a program unique to you. Let us help you make a change for the better.

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Erectile Dysfunction


Are you unable to perform sexually as you would like? Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems men have. You are not alone. Read more to find out we can do to improve fix this for you.

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As we get older, our body begins decrease in function emotionally, physically, and mentally. We want your life to be at its highest potential from at any age. Find out what we can do to help you with a prosperous longevity lifestyle.

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Why work with us?

Knowledgeable Staff

Proper educational backgrounds are important to us here at Atlas Mens Health Institution. Our counselors, trainers, doctors, and more have worthy accreditations to know exactly how to help your concerns. Their main purpose is to narrow down your problem to every detail in order for you to receive accurate results. Our staff is also required to keep up to date with new and available education so you can get proper treatment. There is constantly new information we evaluate for better or worse in order to benefit you. Your problems are a first priority whether they be simple or complex. And we have the knowledge and multiple resources to solve whatever comes your way.

Experienced Doctors

Not only is our education and knowledge up to date, our staff has first hand experience handling all male health concerns. They come from many different ethnic and educated backgrounds to versify our resources for you. We hire specialists such as, nutritional, therapeutic, and others to give every possible aide in your plan to recovery. Our staff has the same goal of helping all men achieve a better lifestyle by giving the proper and efficient treatment. Our top-rated personnel can uniquely relate to you by making you their first priority.

The Best Facility

With entrusted professionals in a work they enjoy, our facility welcomes all comfortably. Our main priority is helping you achieve fullest potential in all areas of life. Atlas Mens Health Institution is fast-growing organization that seeks positive results for all who need our consultation. From weight-loss to sexual enhancement, we offer a wide variety of programs and treatments to your benefit. It is important to us that we create a plan uniquely for your situation. Every man is different and requires different needs. With our many resources, we can help you achieve a happier life for whatever the problem you face. Search our website for more information or contact us today. Remember, you matter to us.

Best Decision (Testimonial)

“The decision to start doing testosterone replacement therapy was one of the best decisions I have made, I wish I started sooner.  My energy is way up, gym recovery is so much better, and the best… quality of life has improved.  The staff at Atlas are awesome, they make the process easy and comfortable.  The doctors discussed all of my options with me, the pros AND the cons, and answered every one of my questions, so I could make the best decisions for myself.”   -David M.

Exceptional Staff (Testimonial)

“I have been a patient at Atlas Men’s Health Institute since September 2013. I’m sending this email today because I wanted to commend not only the excellent service I have received since being a patient there but also the wonderful staff you employ at Atlas. Your Nursing Assistants (Shamika, Elantra, and Angela) are always cheerful and pleasant and do an outstanding job each and every time I visit the facility. Dr.Evensen is very knowledgable in the field of HRT and explained everything in regards to my labs, pros and cons of HRT, possible side effects etc. I also wanted to recognize your Office Manager Kate, she always takes the time to greet me with a smile and always asks how my visit was upon leaving. In closing, I’d like to again say thank you to everyone at Atlas Men’s Health Institute. Keep up the good work and I look forward to my next visit.”   -Mark T.

Great Facility and Staff (Testimonial)

“The facility is always clean and in a great location, the staff is always in a great mood and very helpful, the doctors are always encouraging and supportive and the programs have benefited me greatly in every aspect of my life.”   -Jason H.

Affordable Low Testosterone Treatment (Testimonial)

“Atlas Mens Health Institute has benefitted me in numerous ways; however, getting my vitality back has been most beneficial. I did not realize how Low-T affected me until after my first couple of treatments I no longer felt lethargic, depressed, and unmotivated. I highly recommend for any man to get his testosterone levels checked if he feels like he’s lagging. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and very considerate. They work with your situation, and the cost is affordable. And, its really nice they offer at home treatment for people like me who travel a lot and can not make it into the office every week.”   -Brian H.

American Board of Obesity Medicine - Certified Diplomate